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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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322                                         HEIDI
nodded above them, and a strong spicy odor filled the air about the sunny spot, as if cups of the most precious balsam were poured out up there. All the fragrance, however, came from the little brown blossoms which stretched up their round heads modestly here and there between the golden flower-cups. Heidi stood and looked and drew in long breaths of the sweet air. Suddenly she turned around and came panting with excitement back to Klara.
" Oh, you really must come," she called out before she had reached her; "they are so beautiful, and everything is so beautiful, and perhaps by evening it won't be so any longer. Perhaps I can carry you; don't you think I could ?"
Klara looked at the excited Heidi in surprise; she shook her head.
" No, no ; what are you thinking about, Heidi ? you are ever so much smaller than I. Oh, if I only could walk!"
Then Heidi looked all around her trying to think of some new plan. Up where he had been lying on the ground Peter still sat staring down at the children. He had been sitting thus for hours, always gazing down, as if he could not realize what he saw. He had destroyed the hated chair that he might make an end of it all, and so that the stranger might not be able to move ; and a short time after she appeared up there and was sitting before him on the ground next to Heidi. It could not be possible, and yet it was true, and when­ever he chose he could see that it was so.
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