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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi looked up at him.
" Come down here, Peter!" she called very decid­edly.
" Shan't come," he called back.
" But you must! Come, I can't do it alone, and you must help me; come quick! " urged Heidi.
" Shan't come," he replied again.
Then Heidi ran a little way up the mountain toward him.
She stood there with flashing eyes and called out: —
" Peter, if you don't come here at once, I will do something to you that you won't like at all; you can believe what I say ! "
These words stabbed Peter, and he was seized with great fear. He had done something wicked which no one must know. Until now it had delighted him; but Heidi spoke as if she knew all about it, and would tell her grandfather everything she knew, and Peter was more afraid of him than any one else. If he should hear what had become of the chair! Peter's distress choked him worse and worse. He rose and came toward Heidi, who was waiting for him.
" I am coming, but then you must n't do it," he said, so subdued with fright that Heidi was quite touched.
"No, no, I will not do it now," she said assuringly; " only come with me; there is nothing to be afraid of in what I want you to do."
When they reached Klara, Heidi began to give orders. Peter was to take Klara firmly under one arm and Heidi take her under the other, and then they would lift her
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