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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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324                                              HEIDI
up. This went quite well, but then came the difficulty. Klara could not stand; how could they hold her and get her along ? Heidi was too small to support her with her arm.
" You must put your arm around my neck now very firmly so. And you must take Peter's arm and lean on it hard; then we can carry you."
But Peter had never given any one his arm before. Klara took it all right, but he held it stiffly down by his side like a long stick.
"That is not the way to do, Peter," said Heidi very decidedly. " You must make a ring with your arm, and then Klara must put hers through it, and she must lean on it very hard, and you mustn't let go at any price; then we can move along."
This was done, but they did not make much progress. Klara was not so light, and the others were too unlike in size; one side went up and the other down, making the support uncertain.
Klara tried to bear weight on her feet a little, but she could not move them forward.
"Just stamp right down," suggested Heidi, "then it will hurt you less afterwards."
" Do you think so ? " said Klara timidly.
But she obeyed and ventured to take one firm step on the ground and then another; but it made her give a little scream. Then she lifted one foot again and put it down more carefully.
" Oh, that didn't hurt nearly so much," she said, full of delight.
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