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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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every day and go wherever we please on the mountain ! " she exclaimed again ; " and you can go about as I do all the rest of your life, and never be pushed in a chair, and be well. Oh, this is the greatest joy we could have ! "
Klara agreed with all her heart. Surely she could have no greater fortune in the world than to be well and be able to go about like other people, and not be miserably condemned to sit all day long in an invalid chair.
It was not far to the slope where the flowers grew. They could already see the gleam of the golden roses in the sun. Then they came to the clusters of blue­bells where the sunny ground showed through so invit­ingly.
" Can't we sit down here ? " asked Klara.
It was just what Heidi wished to do, and the children sat down in the midst of the flowers, Klara for the first time on the dry mountain ground ; this pleased her more than she could tell. All around them the nodding bluebells, the shining golden roses, the red centauries, and everywhere the sweet fragrance of the brown blos­soms and the spicy wild plum. Everything was so lovely — so lovely !
Heidi, too, as she sat next her, thought it had never been so beautiful up there before, and she did not know why she felt such joy in her heart, so that she had to keep shouting aloud. But suddenly it occurred to her that Klara had been made well; this was a far greater joy than all the beauty around them. Klara was per­fectly silent; she was so delighted and fascinated with
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