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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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everything she saw, and with the prospect the experi­ence she had just had presented to her. There was hardly any room in her heart for the great fortune; and the sunshine and fragrance of the flowers, besides, overpowered her with a feeling of joy which made her quite speechless.
Peter lay silent also and motionless in the midst of this field of flowers, for he was almost asleep. The wind blew down softly and caressingly behind the pro­tecting rocks and whispered up in the bushes. Now and then Heidi had to get up and run about, for there was always some place still more beautiful, where the flowers were thicker, the fragrance stronger, because the wind blew it here and there; she had to sit down everywhere.
Thus the hours fled away.
The sun was long past midday when a troop of goats came walking quite gravely up to the flower field. It was not their pasturage ; they had never been brought there before; they did not like to graze among the flowers. They looked like an embassy with Distelfinck ahead. The goats had evidently come to look for their companions who had left them so long in the lurch and stayed away beyond all rules, for the goats knew the time well. When Distelfinck spied the three missing ones in the flower field he began to bleat loudly, and immediately all the others joined in a chorus and came along making a great noise. Then Peter woke up. But he had to rub his eyes hard, for he had been dreaming that the wheel chair was standing again, all
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