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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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328                                           HEIDT
upholstered in red and unharmed, in front of the hut, and now that he was awake he still saw the gold nails in the upholstery shine in the sun ; but quickly he dis­covered that they were only the yellow, glistening flowers on the ground. Then Peter's distress, which had entirely disappeared at sight of the uninjured chair, came back to him. Although Heidi had promised not to do anything, yet Peter grew very much afraid that what he had done might be found out. He was very meek and willing to be the guide and do everything exactly as Heidi wished.
When they had all three come back to the pasture, Heidi quickly brought out her well-filled dinner bag and set about keeping her promise, for her threat had reference to the contents of the bag. She had espe­cially noticed in the morning what good things her grandfather put in, and had been pleased to think that a good part of it would fall to Peter's share. But when Peter was so disagreeable, she wanted to make him understand that he would not have what otherwise had been intended for him. Heidi took piece after piece out of the bag and made three little heaps of them, which were so high that she said to herself with satis-faction : " Then he will have all that we leave."
Then she gave a little pile to each one and sat down beside Klara with her own, and the children thoroughly enjoyed their dinner after their great exertion.
It happened just as Heidi expected ; when they both were satisfied, there was still so much left that they gave Peter another pile as large as the first. He ate
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