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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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it all silently without stopping, even to the crumbs, but he accomplished his work without the usual sat­isfaction. Something lay in Peter's stomach which gnawed and choked him and squeezed him at every mouthful.
The children had returned so late to their dinner that immediately after the grandfather was seen coming up the Aim to get them. Heidi rushed to meet him ; she had to tell him first of all what had happened. She was so excited over her good news that she could hardly find words to tell her grandfather; but he understood at once what the child meant, and his face lighted up with joy. He hastened his steps, and when he reached Klara, said, smiling gladly: —
" So you ventured and you have really succeeded ! "
Then he lifted Klara from the ground, put his left arm around her, and held out his right as a strong sup­port for her hand, and Klara walked, in this way, even more surely and less timidly than before.
Heidi shouted and danced around, and her grand­father looked as if some great good fortune had come to him. But he suddenly took Klara in his arms and said: —
" We will not overdo it ; it is time now to go home." And he started on the way at once, for he knew that Klara had made enough exertion for that day and that she needed rest.
When Peter with his goats came down late that evening to Dorfli, a crowd of people were standing together, pushing each other this way and that to get
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