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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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would seize him and take him to the house of correc­tion in Frankfurt. Peter saw this before him and his hair stood on end from fear.
He came home very much distressed. He would make no reply to any remark and would not eat his potatoes; he crept hurriedly into bed and groaned.
" Peterli has been eating sorrel again ; he has some in his stomach, and that makes him groan so," said his mother, Brigitte.
" You must give him a little more bread to take with him ; give him a piece of mine to-morrow," said the grandmother compassionately.
When the children that night looked up from their beds at the starlight, Heidi said : —
" Have n't you been thinking all day long to-day how good it is that the dear Lord does n't give us what we pray so terribly hard for, when He knows of something much better?"
" Why do you say that now, Heidi ? " asked Klara.
" Don't you know, because I prayed so hard in Frankfurt that I might go home right away, and because I could n't go, I thought the dear Lord had not heard me. But, do you know, if I had gone right away, you would never have come up on the mountain, and you would n't have got well."
Klara became quite thoughtful.
"But, Heidi," she began again, "then we ought not to pray for anything, because the dear Lord certainly
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