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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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332                                         HEIDI
has always something better in mind than we know and ask him for."
" Oh, Klara, do you really think so ? " Heidi hastened to say. " We ought to pray to the dear Lord every day, and about every single thing; for then He will know that we do not forget that we receive everything from Him. And if we forget the dear Lord, He will forget us too; your grandmamma told me that. But, you know, if we do not receive what we would like, we must not think the dear Lord has not listened, and stop praying, but we must pray like this : * Now I know, dear Lord, that you have something better in store, and I will be glad that you will be so good to me.' "
" How did you find out all this, Heidi ?" asked Klara.
"Your grandmamma explained it to me first, and then it happened exactly so, and then I knew it. But I think, Klara," Heidi continued, sitting up, " that to­night we ought really to thank the dear Lord heartily, because He has sent us the great good fortune that you are able to walk now."
" Yes, indeed, Heidi; you are right, and I am glad that you reminded me. I was so delighted I almost forgot it."
Then the children prayed, and each thanked the dear Lord in her own way for sending such a wonderful blessing to Klara, who had been ill so long.
The next morning the grandfather thought they could write the grandmamma that if she would come up on the Aim there would be something new for her
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