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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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to see. But the children had another plan. They wanted to give the grandmamma a great surprise. First, Klara was to learn to walk better, so that she could go a little way with only Heidi's support; but the grandmamma must not have the least supicion of it. The grandfather must decide how long it would take, and as he thought that it would not take more than a week, in the next letter they would give her an urgent invitation to come up on the mountain at the end of that time; but not a word must be said to her about anything new.
The days which followed were by far the most beau­tiful which Klara had passed on the Aim. Every morning she awoke with these delightful words in her mind : —
" I am well! I am well! I do not need to sit in a wheel chair any longer; I can go about by myself like other people!"
Then followed the walking; and every day she went more easily and better, and was able to take longer walks. The exercise caused such an appetite that the grand­father made her thick slices of bread and butter larger and was well pleased to see them disappear. He always brought with them a large pot of foaming milk and filled bowl after bowl with it. The end of the week came and with it the day that was to bring the grandmamma!
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