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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A day before her arrival the grandmamma had written a letter and sent it up to the Aim, that they might know there exactly when she was coming. Peter brought this letter with him early the next day, as he was going up to the pasture. The grandfather had already come out of the hut with the children, and Schwanli and Barli were both standing outside, gayly shaking their heads in the cool morning air, while the children stroked them and wished them a pleasant journey up the mountain. The uncle stood by and looked first at the children's fresh faces, and then at his clean, sleek goats. Both must have pleased him, for he smiled with satisfaction.
Then Peter came along. When he saw the group he approached slowly, handed the letter to the uncle, and as soon as he had taken it from him he ran tim­idly back as if something had frightened him; then he looked quickly behind him, exactly as if something else was going to frighten him ; then he gave a leap and ran up the mountain.
"Grandfather," said Heidi, who had been watching Peter in surprise, " why does Peter act like the big Turk when he feels the rod behind him; he ducks his
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