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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                      335
head and shakes himself all over and makes sudden leaps in the air."
" Perhaps Peter feels that there is a rod behind him too, and knows he deserves it," answered her grand­father.
It was only the first slope that Peter ran up without stopping; as soon as he could no longer be seen from below, it was different. Then he stood still and turned his head timidly in every direction ; suddenly he leaped into the air and looked behind him, as frightened as if some one had just seized him by the nape of the neck. From behind every bush and out of every thicket Peter thought he saw a policeman from Frankfurt rushing out at him. The longer this anxious expectation lasted, the more terrible it became to Peter, so that now he had not a moment's peace.
Heidi had the hut to put in order, for the grand­mamma must find everything tidy when she came.
Klara always found this busy cleaning in every cor­ner of the hut so interesting that she was very glad to watch Heidi at work.
So the early morning hours passed before the chil­dren were aware of it, and the grandmamma might be expected to arrive at any moment.
Then the children came out again, all ready to wel­come her, and sat down together on the bench in front of the hut, full of expectation.
The grandfather also joined them ; he had taken a walk and had brought home a great bunch of deep-blue gentians, which looked so lovely in the bright morning
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