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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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336                                              HEIDI
sun that the children shouted for joy when they saw them. The grandfather took them into the hut. Every little while Heidi jumped up from the bench to look and see whether she could catch sight of the grand­mamma's party.
At last Heidi saw exactly what she had been expect­ing coming up from below. First came the guide, then the white horse with the grandmamma on it, and last the porter with the deep basket on his back, for the grandmamma would never think of coming up on the mountain without plenty of wraps.
Nearer and nearer they came. Then the top was reached ; the grandmamma looked down at the children from her horse.
" What is that ? What do I see, Klarchen ? You are not sitting in your chair! How is that possible ? " she exclaimed in alarm and dismounted hastily. But before she had reached the children she clapped her hands and exclaimed in the greatest excitement : —
" Klarchen, is it you or is it not ? You really have red cheeks, as round as an apple! Child! I don't know you any longer ! "
Then the grandmamma was going to rush at Klara; but Heidi had slipped unnoticed from the bench, and Klara quickly leaned on her shoulders, and the children started away quite calmly to take a little walk. The grandmamma suddenly stood still, first from fear, for her only thought was that Heidi was trying to do something rash.
But what did she see before her !
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