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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Klara was walking upright and safely beside Heidi ; then they came back again, both with beaming faces, both with rosy cheeks.
Then the grandmamma rushed toward them. Laugh­ing and crying, she embraced Klara, then Heidi and then Klara again. In her delight she could find no words.
Suddenly she caught sight of the uncle, who was standing by the bench and smiling with satisfaction as he watched the three. Then she seized Klara's arm and with continual exclamations of delight that it was really true that she could walk around with the child, went to the bench. Here she let Klara go and grasped both of the old man's hands.
" My dear uncle ! My dear uncle ! What have we to thank you for! It is your work! It is your care and nursing " —
"And our Lord's sunshine and mountain air," inter­rupted the uncle, smiling.
"Yes, and Schwanli's lovely, good milk, too," added Klara. " Grandmamma, you ought to know how I can drink the goat's milk, and how good it is !"
" I can see that by your cheeks, Klarchen," said her grandmamma, laughing. " No, no one would ever know you; you have grown round and broad, as I never dreamed you could be, and you are tall, Klarchen ! Is it really true ? I cannot look at you enough ! I must send a telegram at once to my son in Paris; he must come immediately. I will not tell him why; it will be the greatest joy of his life. My dear uncle, how can it be done ? Have you sent the men away already?"
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