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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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There were footpaths leading in all directions. Herr Sesemann was not sure that he was on the right path or whether the hut might not perhaps lie on the other side of the mountain. He looked around him, to see if he could discover any human being whom he could ask about the way. But it was silent all around ; far and wide there was nothing to be seen, nothing to be heard. Only the mountain wind blew now and then through the air, and the little flies buzzed in the sun­shine, and a merry bird piped here and there on a lonely larch tree. Herr Sesemann stood still for a while and let the mountain breeze cool his heated brow.
Just then some one came running down from above; it was Peter with the despatch in his hand. He was running straight ahead, down the steep places, paying no attention to the footpath where Herr Sesemann stood. As soon as the boy came near enough, Herr Sesemann beckoned for him to come to him. Peter came trembling and frightened, sideways, not straight forward, and as if he could only advance properly with one foot and had to drag the other after him.
" Here, youngster, brace up ! " said Herr Sesemann encouragingly.
" Now tell me if this path will bring me up to the hut, where the old man lives with the child Heidi, where the people from Frankfurt are."
A dull sound of the greatest terror was the answer, and Peter darted away with such bounds that he rushed heels over head down the steep mountain-side, and
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