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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                      341
rolled away, turning somersaults farther and farther, very nearly as the wheel chair had done, except that fortunately Peter did not go to pieces, like the chair.
Only the despatch was badly treated and torn to shreds.
"A remarkably bashful mountaineer," said Herr Sesemann to himself, for he supposed that the appear­ance of a stranger had produced this strong impression on the simple son of the Alps.
After watching Peter's violent descent for a little, Herr Sesemann continued his way.
In spite of all his efforts Peter could not reach a place of safety; he kept rolling on, and from time to time turned somersaults in the strangest fashion.
But this was not the most frightful side of his mis­fortune at this moment; far more frightful were the anxiety and the terror that filled him, for he was sure now that the policeman from Frankfurt had really come. He had no doubt that the stranger who had asked for the people from Frankfurt at the Aim-Uncle's was the very one. Finally, on the last high slope above Dorfli, Peter rolled against a bush to which he could cling fast. He lay still there for a moment, for he had to first think what had happened to him.
"Very good, here's another one," said a voice hard by Peter. " And who is going to catch it to-morrow for sending you down like a badly sewed potato sack ?"
It was the baker, who was making fun of him. To amuse himself a little up there after his hot day's work,
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