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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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344                                              HEIDI
Herr Sesemann did not know whether he was awake or dreaming.
" Papa, don't you know me any longer?" called out Klara to him, while her face beamed with delight. " Am I so changed ? "
Herr Sesemann rushed toward his little daughter and folded her in his arms.
" Yes, you are changed ! Is it possible ? Is it really so ?"
And the overjoyed father stepped back again to see whether the picture would not disappear before his eyes.
"Is it you, Klarchen, is it really you?" he had to exclaim again and again. He folded his child in his arms once more, and then he had to look again to see whether it really was Klara standing erect before him.
Then the grandmamma came out, for she could not wait any longer to see her son's happy face.
" Well, my dear son, what do you say now ?" she called out to him. " The surprise which you have given us is very lovely, but the one prepared for you is still lovelier, is it not ? " And the delighted mother greeted her dear son with great affection.
"But now, my dear," she then said, "come with me over there to see the uncle, who is our greatest bene­factor."
" Certainly, and our little companion, our little Heidi, I must greet also," said Herr Sesemann as he shook Heidi's hand. " Well ? Always fresh and well on the
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