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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                      345
mountain ? But I don't need to ask; no Alpine rose could be more blooming. This is a joy to me, child; this is a great joy to me ! "
Heidi looked with beaming eyes at the kind Herr Sesemann. How good he had always been to her! And that now he should find such a joy here on the mountain made Heidi's heart beat loud with delight.
Then the grandmamma took her son to the Aim-Uncle, and while the two men were shaking hands very heartily, and Herr Sesemann was beginning to express his deep-felt thanks and his boundless astonish­ment that such a wonderful thing could happen, the grandmamma turned and went a little way in the other direction, for she had already talked the matter over. She wanted to look at the old fir trees again.
Here there was another surprise awaiting her. Under the fir trees, where the long branches had left a free space, stood a great bunch of wonderful deep-blue gen­tians, as fresh and shining as if they had grown there. The grandmamma clapped her hands with delight.
" How exquisite ! How wonderful! What a sight!" she exclaimed again and again. " Heidi, my dear child, come here ! Did you bring these here to please me ? They are perfectly wonderful! "
The children were already there.
" No, no, I really did not," said Heidi; " but I know who did."
" It is like that up in the pasture, grandmamma, and even more beautiful," said Klara. " But just guess who brought the flowers down from the pasture for you
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