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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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early this morning!" and Klara smiled with so much satisfaction at what she had said that for a moment it occurred to her grandmamma that the child had really been up there herself that day. But that was almost impossible.
A gentle rustling was then heard behind the fir trees ; it came from Peter, who had come back in the mean time. When he saw who was standing in front of the hut with the uncle, he went a long way round and was going to slip very stealthily behind the fir trees. But the grandmamma caught sight of him, and a new thought suddenly came to her. Had Peter brought down the flowers, and was he creeping away now so stealthily from sheer timidity and modesty ? No, that must not be; he should have a little reward.
" Come, my lad, come here quickly, and don't be afraid! " the grandmamma called loudly, putting her head a little way between the trees.
Petrified with fear, Peter stood still. He had not the strength to resist anything more that might happen. This was what he felt : " Now it is all up ! " His hair stood on end, and with a pale face, distorted by the greatest anguish, Peter stepped out from behind the fir trees.
" Come right straight here," said the grandmamma encouragingly. " There, now tell me, my boy, if you did this."
Peter did not lift his eyes, and did not see where the grandmamma's finger was pointing. He had noticed that the uncle was standing by the corner of the hut,
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