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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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348                                        HEIDI
When he had finished, the lady btirst out in great excitement: —
" No, no, my dear uncle; no, no, we will not punish the poor fellow any further. One must be just. Strange people came here from Frankfurt and for long weeks together took away Heidi, his only good, and really a great good for him, and he sits alone there day after day, looking for her. No, one must be just; anger overpowered him and drove him to revenge, which was rather foolish; but in our anger we are all foolish."
Whereupon the grandmamma went back to Peter, who was still trembling and shaking.
She sat down on the bench under the fir tree and said kindly : —
" There, now come here, my boy, to me; I have something to say to you. Stop trembling and shaking and listen to me ; this you must do. You sent the wheel chair down the mountain, in order to smash it. That was a wicked deed, and you knew it very well, and you also knew that you deserved a punishment, and in order not to receive one, you have had to try very hard not to let any one know what you have done. But you see, whoever does a wicked thing and thinks no one knows about it is always mistaken. The dear Lord sees and hears everything, and as soon as he notices that a person wants to conceal his wicked deed he quickly awakens a little watchman, that was placed in him at his birth, and that sleeps in him until the person does something wrong. And the little watch­man has a little goad in his hand with which he contin-
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