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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                    349
ually pricks the person so that he has no rest for a moment. And with his voice he also torments him further, by constantly calling to him in a torturing way : ' It will all come out! You are going to be pun­ished !' So he lives in continual fear and trembling, and is no longer happy, not a bit. Have you not had such an experience as this just now, Peter ?"
Peter nodded penitently, and as one who knew, for it had happened to him exactly so.
"And in one way you were disappointed," continued the grandmamma. "See how the wrong that you did turned out for the best, for the one you wished to harm! Because Klara no longer had a chair to be carried in, and yet wanted to see the beautiful flowers, she made a very great effort to walk, and so learned how and now keeps improving; and if she stays here she will at last be able to go up to the pasture every day, much oftener than if she were taken in her chair. Do you understand, Peter ? So when one wishes to do a wicked thing, the dear Lord can take it quickly into his own hands and turn it into good for the one who was to be harmed ; and the scoundrel has his trouble for nothing and injures himself.
" Have you understood everything well, Peter ? Then think of it; and every time you desire to do something wicked, think of the little watchman within you, with his goad and his disagreeable voice. Will you do that?"
" Yes, I will," answered Peter, very much impressed, for he did not yet know how everything would end,
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