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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                    351
confess what is wrong, then it will be settled. Now what would you like to have?"
Now Peter could choose anything in the world that he would like to have. It almost made him dizzy. The whole fair at Mayenfeld came before his eyes, with all the beautiful things which he had often looked at for hours and had thought he could never have, for Peter's possessions had never gone beyond five pfen­nigs, and such alluring objects always cost double that amount. There were the lovely red whistles, which he could use so well for his goats. There were the fascinating round-handled knives called toad-stickers, with which he could do a thriving business in all the hazel-rod hedges.
Peter stood deep in thought, for he was considering which of the two were the more desirable, and he could not decide. Then a bright idea came to him ; by this means he could think it over until the next fair.
"Ten centimes," replied Peter decidedly.
The grandmamma laughed a little.
"That is not extravagant. So come here!" She then opened her purse and took out a great, round thaler; on it she laid two ten-centime pieces.
"There, we will count it out exactly," she continued ; " I will explain it to you. Here you have just as many ten-centime pieces as there are weeks in the year! So you can take one out to use every Sunday the whole year through."
"All my life long ? " asked Peter quite innocently.
Then the grandmamma had such a ' fit of laughter
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