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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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that the gentlemen yonder had to stop talking to hear what was going on there.
The grandmamma kept on laughing.
" You shall have it, my boy; I will put it in my will do you hear, my son ? And then it will be handed over to you; thus : To goatherd Peter a ten-centime piece weekly, as long as he lives."
Herr Sesemann nodded in assent and laughed too at the idea.
Peter looked again at the present in his hand, to see if it was really true. Then he said : " Thank God ! "
And he ran away, making extraordinary leaps; but this time he stayed on his feet, for now he was not driven by fear but by a delight such as he had never known before in all his life. All his anguish and fear had disappeared, and he could expect ten centimes every week all his life long.
Later when the company in front of the Aim hut had ended their happy midday meal and were still sitting together talking about all sorts of things, Klara took her father's hand, and while his face beamed with delight, said with an enthusiasm which had never been known in the old-time feeble Klara :
" Oh, papa, if you only knew all that the grandfather has done for me ! So much every day that I can't tell you about it, but I shall never forget it in my life. I am always thinking, if I could only do something for the dear grandfather or give him something to make him as happy or even half as happy as he has made
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