HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Name it, name it, my dear friend !" urged Herr Sesemann.
"I am old," continued the uncle, "and cannot live here much longer. When I go, I cannot leave the child anything, and she has no relatives, only one single person, and she would take advantage of her. If Herr Sesemann would give me the assurance that Heidi would never in her life have to go out among strangers to seek her bread, then he would have richly rewarded me for what I have done for him and his child."
" But, my dear friend, that goes without saying," Herr Sesemann burst forth ; " the child belongs to us. Ask my mother, my daughter, the child Heidi will never be left to other people! But if it will be any comfort to you, my friend, here is my hand on it. I promise you ; never in her life shall this child go out to earn her bread among strangers ; I will see to that as long as I live. I will say even more. This child is not made for a life in a strange land, whatever might happen ; we have seen that. But she has made friends. I know one who is in Frankfurt ; he is settling up his business there, in order to go later on wherever he likes and take a rest. It is my friend the doctor, and he is coming up here again this autumn, and, taking your advice, will settle in this region; for he found more pleasure in your company and the child's than any­where else. So you see the child Heidi will have two protectors near her. May they both be preserved to her for a long, long time ! "
"The dear Lord grant it may be so!" the grand-
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