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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                      355
mamma added; and, confirming her son's wish, she shook the uncle's hand heartily for a long while. Then she suddenly threw her arms around Heidi's neck, as she was standing beside her, and drew her toward her.
" And you, my dear Heidi, we must also ask you a question. Come, tell me if you have a wish which you would like to have granted."
" Yes, indeed, I have," answered Heidi, looking very much delighted at the grandmamma.
"Well, that is right, speak it out," she said encour­agingly. " What would you like to have, my child ? "
" I should like to have my bed in Frankfurt, with the three thick pillows and the thick quilt, for then the grandmother would not have to lie with her head down­hill so that she can hardly breathe, and she would be warm enough under the quilt, and would n't always have to go to bed with a shawl on, because she is terribly cold."
Heidi said this all in one breath in her eagerness to obtain what she so much desired.
"Oh, my dear Heidi, what are you telling me?" ex­claimed the grandmamma in excitement. "It is a good thing that you remind me. In our joy we easily forget what we ought to think of most. When the dear Lord sends us something good, we ought at once to think of those who are in need! We will telegraph immedi­ately to Frankfurt! Rottenmeier shall have the bed packed up this very day; in two days more it will be here. God willing, the grandmother shall sleep well in it! "
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