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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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356                                        HEIDI
Heidi danced merrily around the grandmamma. But all at once she stood still and said hurriedly: —
" I must really go as fast as I can down to the grand­mother's ; she will be troubled because I have n't been there for so long."
For Heidi could not wait any longer to carry the joyful message to the grandmother, and it also came to her mind again how troubled she had been when she was there last.
" No, no, Heidi; what are you thinking about ? " said her grandfather reprovingly. " When one has visitors, one does n't run away from them all of a sudden."
But the grandmamma took Heidi's part.
"My dear uncle, the child is not wrong," she said; " the poor grandmother has been a loser for a long time in my opinion. Now we will all go together to see her, and I think I will wait for my horse there, and then we will continue our way, and we can send the telegram at once to Frankfurt from Dorfli. My son, what do you think of it ? "
Herr Sesemann had not had time before to speak about his plans. So he had to ask his mother not to start away at once, but to sit still a moment longer until he had told her what he intended to do.
Herr Sesemann proposed to take a little journey through Switzerland with his mother, and first to see whether his little Klara was in a condition to travel a short distance with them. Now it had so happened that he saw he could take the enjoyable journey in company with his little daughter, and he was anxious
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