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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                      357
to take advantage at once of these lovely late summer days. He had in mind to spend the night in Dorfli and on the following morning to take Klara away from the Aim, to go with her to meet her grandmamma down in Ragatz, and from there to travel on farther.
Klara was a little disturbed to hear of this sudden departure from the Aim ; but there were so many other things to be happy about, and besides there was no time to give way to grief.
The grandmamma had already risen and had grasped Heidi's hand to lead the way. Then all of a sudden she turned around.
" But what in the world will you do with Klarchen ?" she exclaimed in alarm, for it occurred to her that the walk would be much too long for her.
But the uncle had already taken his little charge in his usual way in his arms, and was following the grand­mamma with firm steps, and she nodded back to him with satisfaction. Last came Herr Sesemann, and so the procession went on down the mountain.
Heidi could not help dancing with delight as she went along by the side of the grandmamma, who wanted to know everything about the grandmother, how she lived, and how they got along, especially in winter, during the severely cold weather up there.
Heidi told her about everything, for she knew how they managed, and how the grandmother sat bowed over in her corner and trembled with the cold. She also knew very well what they had to eat and what they did not have.
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