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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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358                                               HEIDI
The grandmamma listened with the liveliest interest to all that Heidi had to tell her until they reached the hut.
Brigitte was just hanging out Peter's second shirt in the sun, so that when his other one had been worn long enough he could change it. She noticed the people and rushed into the house.
" They are all going away now, mother," she said; " there is a whole procession of them; the uncle is with them ; he is carrying the sick child."
" Oh, must it really be ?" sighed the grandmother. " Did you see whether they were taking Heidi with them ? Oh, if she would only give me her hand once more! If I could only hear her voice once again !"
Now the door was suddenly flung open as if by a whirlwind, and Heidi came springing into the corner where the grandmother was, and threw her arms around her neck.
" Grandmother! grandmother! My bed is coming from Frankfurt, and all three pillows, and the thick quilt, too; in two days it will be here, the grandmamma said so."
Heidi could hardly bring out her message fast enough, for she could scarcely wait to see the grandmother's great delight. She smiled, but there was sadness in her voice as she said :
" Oh, what a good lady she is ! I ought to be glad that she is going to take you with her, Heidi; but I shall not survive it long."
" What ? what ? Who says such a thing to the good
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