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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                    359
old grandmother?" asked a friendly voice here; and the old dame's hand was grasped and heartily pressed, for the grandmamma had come in and heard everything. " No, no, it is no such thing! Heidi will stay with the grandmother and make her happy. We shall want lto see the child again, but we will come to her. We shall come up to the Aim every year, for we have rea­son to offer our especial thanks to the dear Lord annually in this place where such a miracle has been done to our child."
Then the true light of joy came into the grand­mother's face, and with speechless thanks she pressed the good Frau Sesemann's hand again and again, while a couple of great tears from sheer joy glided down her aged cheeks. Heidi at once noticed the joyful light in the grandmother's face and was quite happy.
"Truly, grandmother," she said, pressing close to her, "it has come just as I read to you the last time! Really, the bed from Frankfurt is wholesome, is n't it?"
" Oh, yes, Heidi, and so much more, so much good the dear Lord has done for me!" said the grand­mother, deeply moved. " How is it possible that there are such good people who trouble themselves about a poor old woman and do so much for her ? There is nothing that can so strengthen one's belief in a good Father in heaven who will not forget even the lowliest, as to learn that there are such people, full of goodness and compassion for a poor, worthless woman such as I am."
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