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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"My good grandmother," broke in Frau Sesemann, "before our Father in heaven we all are equally poor, and it is equally necessary to all of us that He should not forget us. And now we must leave you, but we hope to see you again, for as soon as we come back again next year to the Aim, we shall try to find the grandmother once more; she will never be for­gotten ! "
Whereupon Frau Sesemann grasped the old dame's hand again and shook it.
But she did not get away as quickly as she thought, for the grandmother could not stop thanking her and wishing all the good that the dear Lord had it in His power to give, for her benefactress and all her house­hold.
Then Herr Sesemann went down toward the valley with his mother, while the uncle carried Klara back home once more ; and Heidi, without pausing, jumped high as she went beside her, for she was so pleased with the grandmother's prospects that she had to jump at every step.
But the following morning Klara shed hot tears because she had to go away from the beautiful Aim, where she had been better than she had ever been before in all her life. But Heidi comforted her and said : —
" It will be summer again in no time, and then you will come back, and then it will be more beautiful than ever. Then you can walk all the time, and we can go up to the pasture with the goats every day and see the flowers, and everything will be jolly from the very first."
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