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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PARTING TO MEET AGAIN                    361
Herr Sesemann came according to agreement to get his little daughter. He was standing with the grand­father, for the men had all sorts of things to talk over. Klara was wiping away her tears. Heidi's words had comforted her a little.
"I will leave a greeting for Peter," she said, "and for all the goats, especially Schwanli. Oh, if only I could make Schwanli a present; she has helped so much to make me well."
"You can do that very easily," asserted Heidi. " Only send her a little salt. You know how gladly she licks the salt from grandfather's hand at night."
This advice pleased Klara very much.
" Oh, then, I will certainly send her a hundred pounds of salt from Frankfurt!" she exclaimed with delight. "She, too, must have a remembrance from me."
Herr Sesemann then beckoned to the children, for he wished to start. This time the grandmamma's white horse came for Klara, and she was now able to ride down; she no longer needed a sedan chair.
Heidi stationed herself at the extreme edge of the slope and waved her hand to Klara until the last speck of horse and rider had disappeared.
The bed came, and the grandmother still sleeps so well in it that she is really gaining new strength.
The kind grandmamma did not forget the hard win­ter on the mountain. She had a great case sent to goatherd Peter's house; there were many warm things
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