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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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packed in it in which the grandmother could wrap herself up, and now she never has to sit any more shivering with the cold in the corner.
There is a large building in progress in Dorfli. The doctor has come and has taken up his old quarters. Through the advice of his friend he purchased the old building where the uncle lived with Heidi in the winter, and which had been once a great mansion, as could still be seen from the lofty room with the handsome stove and the artistic wainscoting. This part of the house the doctor is having rebuilt for his own dwelling. The other side is being restored as winter quarters for the uncle and Heidi, for the doctor knew the old man was independent and would want to have his own house. Back of it is a firmly built, warm goatshed where Schwanli and Barli can spend their winter days most comfortably.
The doctor and the Aim-Uncle are becoming better friends every day, and when they climb together about the building to look after the progress of the work, their thoughts turn mostly to Heidi, for to both of them the chief joy in the house is that they will be together with their happy child.
" My dear uncle," said the doctor the other day, as he was standing up on the wall with the old man, " you must look at the matter as I do. I share all joy in the child with you, as if next to you I were the one to whom the child belongs ; I will share all obligations and care for the child as well as I know how. So I have also my right in our Heidi, and can hope that she will
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