51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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are lighted, he looked up and saw a light glimmer in the forest; and he got up and followed it, and he found that it came from a house that looked very small indeed, because there stood a giant before it. And the man thought to himself that if he were to try to enter and the giant were to see him, it would go hard but he should lose his life. At last he made up his mind, and walked in. And the giant saw him.
" I am glad thou art come," said he; " it is now a long time since I have had anything to eat; I shall make a good supper of thee."
" That may be," said the man, " but I shall not relish it; besides, if thou desirest to eat, I have somewhat here that may satisfy thee."
" If that is true," answered the giant, " thou mayest make thy mind easy j it was only for want of something better that I wished to devour thee."
Then they went in and placed themselves at the table, and the man brought out bread, meat, and wine in plenty.
" This pleases me well," said the giant, and he ate to his heart's content. After a while the man asked him if he could tell him where the golden castle of Stromberg was.
" I will look on my land-chart," said the giant, " for on it all towns and villages and houses are marked."
So he fetched the land-chart which was in his room, and sought for the castle, but it was not to be found.
" Never mind," said he, "I have up-stairs in the cupboard much bigger maps than this; we will have a look at them." And so they did, but in vain.
And now the man wanted to pursue his journey, but the giant begged him to stay a few days longer, until his brother, who had gone to get in a store of provisions, should return. When the brother came, they asked him about the golden castle of Stromberg.
" When I have had time to eat a meal and be satisfied, I will look at the map."
That being done, he went into his room with them, and they looked at his maps, but could find nothing: then he fetched other old maps, and they never left off searching until they found the golden castle of Stromberg, but it was many thousand miles away.