51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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68                           GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
" Now, mind you must come back at night and say the same words."
When the King and his hunters saw the fawn with the golden collar again, they chased him closely, but he was too nimble and swift for them. This lasted the whole day, and at last the hunters surrounded him, and one of them wounded his foot a little, so that he was obliged to limp and to go slowly. Then a hunter slipped after him to the little house, and heard how he called out, " Little sister, let me in," and saw the door open and shut again after him directly. The hunter noticed all this carefully, went to the King, and told him all he had seen and heard. Then said the King,
" To-morrow we will hunt again."
But the sister was very terrified when she saw that her fawn was wounded. She washed his foot, laid cooling leaves round it, and said, " Lie down on your bed, dear fawn, and rest, that you may be soon well." The wound was very slight, so that the fawn felt nothing of it the next morning. And when he heard the noise of the hunting outside, he said,
" I cannot stay in, I must go after them ; I shall not be taken easily again !" The sister began to weep, and said,
" I know you will be killed, and I left alone here in the forest, and forsaken of everybody. I cannot let you go ! "
" Then I shall die here with longing," answered the fawn; " when I hear the sound of the horn I feel as if I should leap out of my skin."
Then the sister, seeing there was no help for it, unlocked the door with a heavy heart, and the fawn bounded away into the forest, well and merry. When the King saw him, he said to his hunters,
"Now, follow him up all day long till the night comes, and see that you do him no hurt."
So as soon as the sun had gone down, the King said to the huntsmen : " Now, come and show me the little house in the wood."
And when he got to the door he knocked at it, and cried,
" Little sister, let me in !"
Then the door opened, and the King went in, and there stood a maiden more beautiful than any he had seen before.