51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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HERE was once a man, whose wife was dead, and a woman, whose husband was dead; and the man had a daughter. and so had the woman. The girls were acquainted with each other, and used to play together sometimes in the woman's house. So the woman saic to the man's daughter,
" Listen to me, tell your father that I will marry him, and then you shall have milk to wash in ever) morning and wine to drink, and my daughter shall have wate: to wash in and water to drink."
The girl went home and told her father what the womar had said. The man said,
" What shall I do ! Marriage is a joy, and also a torment.' At last, as he could come to no conclusion, he took off hi boot, and said to his daughter,
" Take this boot, it has a hole in the sole; go up with i into the loft, hang it on the big nail and pour water in it. I it holds water, I will once more take to me a wife ; if it let out the water, so will I not."
The girl did as she was told, but the water held the hoi together, and the boot was full up to the top. So she wen and told her father how it was. And he went up to see wit his own eyes, and as there was no mistake about it, he went t the widow and courted her, and then they had the wedding. The next morning, when the two girls awoke, there stoo by the bedside of the man's daughter milk to wash in an