51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS.                   139
Then the robber got back as well as he could to his cap­tain, and said, " Oh dear! in that house there is a grewsome witch, and I felt her breath and her long nails in my face; and by the door there stands a man who stabbed me in the leg with a knife ; and in the yard there lies a black spectre, who beat me with his wrooden club j and above, upon the roof, there sits the justice, who cried, ' Bring that rogue here !' And so I ran away from the place as fast as I could."
From that time forward the robbers never ventured to that house, and the four Bremen town musicians found themselves so well off where they were, that there they stayed. And the person who last related this tale is still living, as'you see.