51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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NE day, Hans's mother said, " Where are you going, Hans ? " Hans answered, " To Grethel's, mother." " Manage well, Hans." " All right! Good-bye, mother." " Good-bye, Hans." Then Hans came to Grethel's. "Good morning, Grethel."
" Good morning, Hans. What have you brought me to­day ? "
" I have brought nothing, but I want something."
So Grethel gave Hans a needle; and then he said,
" Good-bye, Grethel," and she said, "Good-bye, Hans."
Hans carried the needle away with him, and stuck it in a hay-cart that was going along, and he followed it home.
" Good evening, mother."
" Good evening, Hans. Where have you been ? "
" To GrethePs, mother."
" What did you take her?"
" I took nothing, but I brought away something."
" What did Grethel give you ? "
" A needle, mother." ,
" What did you do with it, Hans ? "
" Stuck it in the hay-cart."
" That was very stupid of you, Hans. You should have stuck it in your sleeve."
" All right, mother ! I'll do better next time."