51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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HERE was once a man who had a daughter who was called " Clever Else," and when she was grown up, her father said she must be married, and her mother said,
"Yes, if we could only find some one that she would consent to have."
At last one came from a distance, and his name was Hans, and when he proposed to her, he made it a condition that Clever Else should be very careful as well.
"Oh," said the father, "she does not want for brains." "No, indeed," said the mother, "she can see the wind coming up the street and hear the flies cough."
" Well," said Hans, " if she does not turn out to be careful too, I will not have her."
Now when they were all seated at table, and had well : eaten, the mother said,
" Else, go into the cellar and draw some beer." Then Clever Else took down the jug from the hook in the wall, and as she was on her way to the cellar she rattled the lid up and down so as to pass away the time. When she got there, she took a stool and stood it in front of the cask, so that she need not stoop and make her back ache with need­less trouble. Then she put the jug under the tap and turned it, and while the beer was running, in order that her eyes should not be idle, she glanced hither and thither, and finally caught sight of a pickaxe that the workmen had left sticking