51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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feeling in his pocket, took out two gold pieces and told him to get him something good for supper; the landlord stared, and ran and fetched the best that could be got. After supper the guest called the reckoning, and the landlord, wanting to get all the profit he could, said that it would amount to two gold pieces more. The apprentice felt in his pocket, but his gold had come to an end.
" Wait a moment, landlord," said he, " I will go and fetch some money," and he went out of the room, carrying the table­cloth with him. The landlord could not tell what to make of it, and, curious to know his proceedings, slipped after him, and as the guest shut the stable-door, he peeped in through a knot­hole. Then he saw how the stranger spread the cloth before the ass, saying, " Bricklebrit," and directly the ass spat out gold, which rained upon the ground.
"Dear me," said the landlord, "that is an easy way of getting ducats; a purse of money like that is no bad thing."
After that the guest paid his reckoning and went to bed; but the landlord slipped down to the stable in the middle of the night, led the gold-ass away, and tied up another ass in his place. The next morning early the apprentice set forth with his ass, never doubting that it was the right one. By noon he came to his father's house, who was rejoiced to see him again, and received him gladly.
" What trade have you taken up, my son ? " asked the father.
"lama miller, dear father," answered he.
" What have you brought home from your travels ? " con­tinued the father.
" Nothing but an ass," answered the son.
" We have plenty of asses here," said the father. " You had much better have brought me a nice goat!"
" Yes," answered the son, " but this is no common ass. When I say, ' Bricklebrit,' the good creature spits out a whole i clothful of gold pieces. Let me call all the neighbours to­gether. I will make rich people of them all"
" That will be fine !" said the tailor. " Then I need
; labour no more at my needle;" and he rushed out himself
and called the neighbours together. As soon as they were all