51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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156                           GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
assembled, the miller called out to them to make room, and brought in the ass, and spread his cloth before him.
" Now, pay attention," said he, and cried, " Bricklebrit!" but no gold pieces came, and that showed that the animal was not more scientific than any other ass.
So the poor miller made a long face when he saw that he had been taken in, and begged pardon of the neighbours, who all went home as poor as they had come. And there was nothing for it but that the old man must take to his needle again, and that the young one should take service with a miller.
The third brother had bound himself apprentice to a turner; and as turning is a very ingenious handicraft, it took him a long time to learn it. His brother told him in a letter how badly things had gone with them, and how on the last night of their travels the landlord deprived them of their treasures. When the young turner had learnt his trade, and was ready to travel, his master, to reward him for his good conduct, gave him a sack, and told him that there was a stick inside it.
" I can hang up the sack, and it may be very useful to me," said the young man. " But what is the good of the stick ? "
" I will tell you," answered the master. " If any one does you any harm, and you say, ' Stick, out of the sack !' the stick will jump out upon them, and will belabour them so soundly that they shall not be able to move or to leave the place for a week, and it will not stop until you say, ■ Stick, into the sack !'"
The apprentice thanked him, and took up the sack and started on his travels, and when any one attacked him he would say, " Stick, out of the sack !" and directly out jumped the stick, and dealt a shower of blows on the coat or jerkin, and the back beneath, which quickly ended the affair. One evening the young turner reached the inn where his two brothers had been taken in. He laid his knapsack on the table, and began to describe all the wonderful things he had seen in the world.
" Yes," said he, " you may talk of your self-spreading table, gold-supplying ass, and so forth; very good things, I do