51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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The KNAPSACK the HAT and the HORN
NCE there were three brothers, and they grew poorer and poorer, until at last their need was so great that they had nothing left to bite or to break. Then they said, " This will not do; we had better go out into the world and seek our fortune."
So they set out, and went some distance through many green fields, but they met with no good fortune. One day they came to a great wood, in the midst of which was a hill, and when they came near to it, they saw that it was all of silver. Then said the eldest,
" Now here is good fortune enough for me, and I desire no better."
And he took of the silver as much as he could carry, turned round, and went back home. But the other two said, " We must have something better than mere silver," and they would not touch it, but went on farther. After they had gone on a few days longer, they came to a hill that was all of gold. The second brother stood still and considered, and was uncertain.
" What shall I do ? " said he ; " shall I take of the gold enough to last me my life, or shall I go farther ? "
At last, coming to a conclusion, he filled his pockets as full as they would hold, bid good-bye to his brother, and went home. But the third brother said to himself,