51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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The DOG and the SPARROW
HERE was once a sheep-dog whose master behaved ill to him and did not give him enough to eat, and when for hunger he could bear it no longer, he left his service very sadly. In the street he was met by a sparrow, who said,
" Dog, my brother, why are you so sad?"
And the dog answered, " I am hungry and have nothing to eat." Then said the sparrow,
" Dear brother, come with me into the town; I will give you plenty."
Then they went together into the town, and soon they came to a butcher's stall, and the sparrow said to the dog,
" Stay here while I reach you down a piece of meat," and he perched on the stall, looked round to see that no one noticed him, and pecked, pulled, and dragged so long at a piece that lay near the edge of the board that at last it slid to the ground. The dog picked it up, ran with it into a corner, and ate it up. Then said the sparrow,
" Now come with me to another stall, and I will get you another piece, so that your hunger may be satisfied."
When the dog had devoured a second piece the sparrow asked,
"Dog, my brother, are you satisfied now?" " Yes, as to meat I am," answered he, " but I have had no bread."
Then said the sparrow,