51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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HERE was a certain village where lived many rich farmers and only one poor one, whom they called the Little Farmer. He had not even a cow, and still less had he money to buy one; and he and his wife greatly wished for such a thing. One day he said to her,
" Listen, I have a good idea; it is that your godfather the joiner shall make us a calf of wood and paint it brown, so as to look just like any other j and then in time perhaps it will grow big and become a cow."
This notion pleased the wife, and godfather joiner set to
work to saw and plane, and soon turned out a calf complete,
with its head down and neck stretched out as if it were grazing.
The next morning, as the cows were driven to pasture, the
Little Farmer called out to the drover,
" Look here, I have got a little calf to go, but it is still young and must be carried."
" All right!" said the drover, and tucked it under his arm, carried it into the meadows, and stood it in the grass. So the calf stayed where it was put, and seemed to be eating all the time, and the drover thought to himself,
" It will soon be able to run alone, if it grazes at that rate!"
In the evening, when the herds had to be driven home, he
said to the calf, " If you can stand there eating like that, you
can just walk off on your own four legs; I am not going to lug
you under my arm again !"
But the Little Farmer was standing by his house-door, and