51 Tales translated to English by Lucy Crane & Illustrated by Walter Crane

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26o                         GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES.
Little .Farmer. And the bailiff said, " I must be beforehand with them." So he sent his servant into the town to the skin-buyer, and he only gave her three dollars for the skin, and that was faring better than the others, for when they came, they did not get as much as that, for the skin-buyer said,
"What am I to do with all these skins?"
Now the other farmers were very angry with the Little Farmer for misleading them, and they vowed vengeance against him, and went to complain of his deceit to the bailiff. The poor Little Farmer was with one voice sentenced to death, and to be put into a cask with holes in it, and rolled into the water. So he was led to execution, and a priest was fetched to say a mass for him, and the rest of the people had to stand at a distance. As soon as the Little Farmer caught sight of the priest he knew him for the man who was hid in the linen-closet at the miller's. And he said to him,
" As I let you out of the cupboard, you must let me out of the cask."
At that moment a shepherd passed with a flock of sheep, and the Little Farmer knowing him to have a great wish to become bailiff himself, called out with all his might,
" No, I will not, and if all the world asked me, I would not!"
The shepherd, hearing him, came up and asked what it was he would not do. The Little Farmer answered,
" They want to make me bailiff, if I sit in this cask, but I will not do it!"
The shepherd said,
"If that is all there is to do in order to become bailiff I will sit in the cask and welcome." And the Little Farmer answered,
" Yes, that is all, just you get into the cask, and you will become bailiff." So the shepherd agreed, and got in, and the Little Farmer fastened on the top; then he collected the herd of sheep and drove them away. The priest went back to the parish-assembly, and told them the mass had been said. Then they came and began to roll the cask into the water, and as it went the shepherd inside called out, " I consent to be bailiff!"
They thought that it was the Little Farmer who spoke, and they answered,