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ROUGE ET NOIR.                     37
points for Noir or Rouge exceeding 40, at most, in number, and that the point of 40 can be made only where the last card dealt out for the Noir or Rouge furnishes 10 points.—On the ground of this suggestion, we are enabled to establish, that the point of 40 can happen only where the last
Now as effects are produced in ratio to the num­ber of their causes, we see that of the points in­vestigated, from 31 to 40 inclusive, some will happen more frequently than others ; and hence, as the peculiarity of this game attaches the same numerical value to a king, to a queen, or a knave, as is incident to a ten usually so known, by adding three to the number of causes by which each point is producible as above, we are furnished with a fundamental rule, that where the point of
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