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From these data may be deduced, as a matter of curiosity, the just proportions which the banker may give or receive by composition for the monies ventured upon the knowledge of the first point.
Of course, the compositions here spoken of are only to be made from the proportions esta­blished above, as long as the cards for Noir are alone played ; for were any cards for the opposite colour already appearing, the situation of the game would be altered. And this leads us to ob­serve, that the last card of the talon or pack ought not to count, because it is known; and as we may speculate on the last coup, the equality of the game would be destroyed from this circumstance, that whenever the last coup finishes with the last card, it is almost always probable that Eouge will win ; for by reference to the calculation in page I, it is evident that there are a greater number of last cards capable of furnishing a low than a high coup.
From the observations above it must be ob­vious, that there exists no means for winning with certainty, or even for diminishing the slightest portion of the banker's advantage. In the long run, events are balanced, and the banker having more chances in his favour than the player has,
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