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In the middle is a copper moulinet, surmounted by a cross, which serves to impress the bottom with a rotatory motion.
There is a banker, or rather several tailleurs— the number of players is unlimited.
One of the tailleurs sets the machine in motion, throwing at the same instant an ivorv ball into the concavity in an opposite direction to the movement he has given to the moveable bottom. The ball makes several revolutions with great ve­locity, until, its momentum being exhausted, it falls into one of the 38 holes formed by the copper bands. It is the hole into which the ball falls that determines the gain or the loss of the nume­rous chances which this game presents.
To the right and left of the moulinet are figured on the green cloth, for the accommodation of the players, the 36 numbers and the zeros, simple and double. The other chances are also designated on the green cloth divergent from its centre; on one side, l'impair, la manque, and rouge; and on the opposite, pair, passe, and noir. The impair wins when the ball enters a hole numbered impair ; the manque, when it enters a hole numbered 18, and all those under that number; the rouge wins when the ball enters a hole of which the number is red, and vice versa.
La Roulette affords seven chances ; comprising that of the numbers, and the latter chance divides itself into many others, of which we shall give a brief detail.
The player stakes upon the chances, he may select any sum he pleases, that is to say, from two francs, the minimum stake admitted, to 12,000, the maximum, unless in the like cases of which we have spoken in the game ot Rouge et Noir.
The player who puts his money on one of the
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