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50                       LA ROULETTE.
numbers or the zeros painted on the green cloth, receives 35 times the amount of his stake should the ball fall into the corresponding number or zero in the interior of the roulette.
The player who plays on the numbers, may play the first twelve, the middle twelve, and the last twelve. If the ball enters one of the twelve num­bers corresponding to those on the green cloth on which the player has staked his money, he is paid three times the amount of his stake.
To play the Colonnes, the gamester stakes his money in the square placed at the foot of each column marked on the green cloth; and in the event of the ball entering one of the holes corres­ponding to the numbers of the column, he wins three times his stake.
Again, he may equally at his pleasure play 2, 3, 4, 6 numbers, and he wins and loses, in the same proportion, eighteen times his stake for two num­bers, twelve times for three numbers, nine times for four numbers, and six times for six numbers, and the rest in proportion. The player who may have put his money on one or the other of the six chances, wins double his stake if the chance arise. If, then, a ball enter a hole, of which the number is 36, the banker pays double all the following chances, passe, pair, and rouge, and likewise thirty-five times the amount of the sum staked upon the number thirty-six, and of course draws to the bank all the chances placed on the other chances.
If the ball enter a hole numbered 18 noir, the banker pays the player double the amount of the stakes placed on the following chances, la manque, l'impair,and noir, and thirty-five times the amount of the stake placed upon the number 17, and draws to the banker all the money placed on the other chances.
Of all the games of chance at present in vogue,
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