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FARO.                                  59
now generally presumed, was due to an escroquerie, achieved by the means of carrier pigeons, as the same numbers were purchased or staked upon in different parts of the kingdom at the same time. The sum gained on this occasion was so enormous, that the contractors were obliged to enter into a composition with the royal winner. It is since that event that the quine has been abolished. The quaterne is now the highest prize.
The French government derive a considerable revenue from the Lottery, who, besides, look upon it as a powerful engine of domestic policy, by amusing the people, who, for a few sous, can pur-chace the hope of winning millions, and who thus dream away their existence in the pursait of a shadow.
Faro, Pharo, Pharoah, or Pharaon, is very similar to Basset, a game formerly much in vogue.
The banker turns up the cards from a complete pack, deliberately, one by one, laying them alter­nately, first to his right for the bank, and then to his left hand for the punter, till the whole are dealt out.
The punter may, at his option, set any number of stakes, agreeable to the sum limited, upon one or more cards chosen out of his livret from the ace, to the king inclusive, either previous to deal­ing the cards, or after any quantity of coups are made, or he may masque his bets, or change his cards whenever he pleases, or finally decline punt-
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