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62                                  FARO.
A reckoning may be kept of the number of times each card is dealt, by properly placing a livret and bending the corners of similar cards, one way for the punter, another way for the dealer.
Banker ; the person who keeps the table.
Cocking. See Paroli.
Couche or Enjeu ; the Stake.
Coup ; A Stroke or Pull. Any two cards dealt alternately to the right and left.
Croupier ; Croup. An assistant to the dealer.
Doublet. Is when the punter's card is turned up twice in the same coup, then the bank wins half the stake. A single paroli must be taken down; but should there be several, only one retires.
Hocly ; A certainty. Signifies the last card but one, the chance of which the banker claims, and may refuse to let any punter withdraw a card when eight or less remain to be dealt.
Livret ; A small Book. A suit of thirteen cards, with four others called Figures, viz. one, named the little figure, has a blue cross on each side, and represents ace, deuce, tray ; another, yellow on both sides, styled the yellow figure, signifies, four, five, six ; a third, with a black lozenge in the centre, named the black figure, stands for seven, eight, nine, ten ; and a red card, called the great or red figure, for knave, queen, king ; these figures are useful for those who punt on several cards at once.
L'une pour L'autre : One for the other. Means a drawn game, and is said when two of the punter's cards are dealt in the same coup.
Masque. Signifies turning a card, or placing another face downwards, during any number of
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